Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wed Sept 29?

Today is Wednesday but I'm not sure if it is the 29th.

CTE- I was absent yesterday so you took a test and finished up the child care unit. If you have not taken the test you will need to take this. Today, Wednesday, you were given the sewing and fashion design unit and you were told how sewing units will be run. If you have not got your fabric please do so.

Exp. Arts-
We are continuing to talk about color. We are making a collage of monochromatic color taken from magazines. This will be due tomorrow.

Friday, September 25, 2009

NOTE to sixth graders for 9/24

6th grade students I missed an assignment! You need to watch the color characteristics video and fill out the Color in Motion Assignment. Write down color characteristic description word in the corresponding color then tell me your belief of what it might feel like in a room if you use too much of that color in a room.

Whew!!! 9/25

CTE- today we had our pre school. It was a success thanks to the students hard work. If you happened to miss you will need to babysit and while babysitting do an activity with the children (watching tv does not count!!!). Parents must sign a sheet saying you have done so.

6th Grade- Yesterday and today we have been studying the color wheel. You will need the interior design scope and sequence. Watch the color wheel, color wheel #1 and Color schemes to fill in the notes in the sequence.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today in CTE we made play dough in preparation for our preschool day. If you miss you will need to make play dough and have you parents sign you off.

Today in 6th grade we made no sew aprons and we also practiced measuring. Each student went home with a brownie in a bag to be baked at home in your microwave.

Monday, September 21, 2009

9/21 Monday

CTE- Today we reviewed again, safety in the kitchen, because on Friday some students did not get it. I sent home a parent note about our child preschool that I posted earlier this morning on the blog. I wish for the students to get their sewing supplies here so we can begin sewing soon.

6th grade- Today we wrote a summary of our cooking experience and we also reviewed cooking equivalents by playing bingo.

Child Preschool Day

Dear Parents,

My 7th grade students are presently in the middle of a child care unit which discusses child care providers. As part of this experience we are preparing a preschool opportunity for children ages 3-5. This Pre school will be held Friday September 25th. Your student is in one my classes at the following times. They are encouraged to invite children between 3 and 5 to come during THEIR class period so that they may become the teachers. If they bring a child they will receive 5 extra credit points. They will not receive more than 5 points for extra credit points if they bring more than one child.
Bell Schedule
Period Time
3rd 9:43-10:27
4th 10:30-11:14
5 th 11:17-12:01
6th 12:27- 1:11
7th 1:14-2:00
Parents may leave their children during that 45 minute period but must pick their children up by the end of class so that the next class period can continue. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANY CHILD FROM SCHOOL TO BRING THEM.
As always if there are any questions feel free to call or email me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

3 in 1-- Sept 16, 17 and 18

CTE-For the past few days we have been preparing to cook. We Did the abbreviations and terms worksheet in the cooking packet. We have learned about germs and bacteria and have learned about the importance of hand washing. We used glo germ which simulates bacteria, saw our hands glo, and then we washed our hands to see how well we did. Today we will be baking chocolate chip cookies. If you miss you will be responsible for cooking something at home AND clean up. Your parents must sign a note telling me what you did and sign it.

6th Grade- We have been doing similar things as the 7th graders. You will be responsible for the two pages of measuring equivalents in your packet. Today we will be making orange Julius and summarizing our experience.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9/15 Tuesday

CTE- Today we finished and graded the cooking Pretest. Those students who received and 80% or higher will begin to cook without further instruction. Those that didn't I will glean from this test what I need to teach and then proceed from there. We watched videos about hand washing and we talked about disease control.

Exploratory Arts-Today we began an omelet and I didn't have enough time to finish so we will finish it tomorrow. We talked about terms again and how they are key to cooking a recipe correctly.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday 9/14

CTE_ Today we pulled out the baby dolls with problems. The students were to identify the problem and tell me how to take care of it. This must be done in class as I cannot get the dolls to you. Schedule a time after school and I will be here! We also, began a cooking pretest. This pre test does not go on your grade but you must pass with 80% to start cooking early. I do not want anyone receiving help from parents on this test as I truly need to know what to teach. You can find this test on my website but I will give anyone who has been absent a quick verbal test before they can cook so I know they know what to do. This test does not go on your grade.

6th grade- Today we talked about terms. We skipped measuring equivalents until tomorrow. There is a circle the terms worksheet in your packet.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday and Friday 9-10 and11

CTE- We began and finished the six points of Danger for children which are choking, cars, poison, burns, sharp objects, and drowning. They are to complete qualites of a care giver and basic first aid knowlege.

6th grade- We have been discussing proper handwashing techniques and sanitation . Today I demonstrated crunchy munchy peanut goop which had no measurements just funky works such as dribble. We talked about how recipes needed exactness to turn out the same each time or to turn out correctly. Complete Evaluation if you can by cooking the crunchy munchy goop.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday 9/9/09

CTE-Today we took a quiz on our last unit. I will post the quiz on the website. Due ASAP. We also, began working on our unit three packet listing good qualities for a child care provider to have.

6th grade- Today I began by making 2 peanut butter sandwiches. I had a student tell me how to make the sandwich. The first sandwich I globed together and it was a mess. The second I was very careful. I told the students that although the sandwiches had the same ingredients one was more appetizing and correctly done. I compared this to their work that I have beeen receiving lately. I showed them a basic grading rubric and again went over my expectations. I let them know that if they were not caught up they would not cook. We then began our food borne illness and diseases section and quickly reveiwed the correct way to wash hands.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/8/09 Tuesday- I hope everyone had a great break. Just for your information it is midterm at the end of this week. Can you believe it?

CTE- Today we reviewed the informercials that yoour classmates made. If you missed this you will need to get with me about making this up so that you will not miss those points. I have nothing on line to make this up, you will probably have to stay after class to make your own video.

6th grade- Today we finshed up our fashion design unit. This is due tomorrow. I went into folders today and found incomplete projects. Today before we left I had every student verify that they heard me, with the raise of the hand, that this must be complete. Every student's hand was raised.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Missed Tuesday

I just noticed that I missed Tuesday as well.

CTE- Finish Reality check. I have stuck a new handout for Reality check, called reality check 2, on my website. Use this one instead of the one in the packet. Go to California reality check and then use flash version, skip intro, go to occupation direct and from your top three careers you have choosen find them and this will tell you the income. Place the income in the space provided. You will think of 3 skills needed to have that occupation and then you will summarize your information in a paragraph using complete sentences!!!

6th- Create your logo for your fashion company.

Wed. Sept 2 and Thurs.Sept. 3rd

I am a slacker!! I missed Wednesday. If this happens it is because I am in meetings then I immediatly run to a college class in St. George. Sorry.

CTE- Wednesday and Thursday are a combination class as the students choose a utensil and then they made infomercials about how to use them. We will watch the infomercials on Tuesday. This should be interesting!!! I may post a few as well so keep your eyes peeled for the grammys.

6th grade- We are continuing our fashion design unit. We constructed the label. A label must have size, logo, where it was made and how to wash it on it. We began drawing our fashion clothing. We will complete this unit on Tuesday. At this point it becomes homework.