Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week of 8/30

The sixth grade is continuing with the counselor lesson on emotions. These are going well. They do all work in class. We also began sewing. We are learning the machine parts and soon will be learning how to thread a machine.

Seventh grade is also sewing. We are learning parts of the machine and hand sewing stitches so when I let them loose on their projects they will know what to do. If you have missed...look up how to do blanket stitch and a finishing knot on you tube then practice at home.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week of 8-23

7th graders--This week your students will be finishing up unit 1. There is a study guidefound on the website. Extra Credit will be given if your student shows up 8-24 dressed for interviews. We will begin with sewing instruction on August 26-27. Students will learn parts of the machine and how to thread a machine on these days.

6th grade--counselor emotion lessons are going excecptionally well. Students were to finish up their time games. We will be playin them 8-24. We begin sewing instruction august 27.

Get your supplies here!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School Begins 8-11-2010

Today was the first day of school and my voice hurts from so much instruction. Today we went through rules and procedures and will finish that up tomorrow. The students have the homework of getting these procedure paper signed and returned by Friday. 6th grade has an additional paper to sign if you do not wish for your student to participate in the Depression//Sucide lesson presented by our counselor. Please read through the whole packet as it has exactly what will be discussed there. Please note sewing supply lists on these procedure papers.

Homework for this week---7th grade self folder
6th grade customs papers and time schedule
Homeroom time schedule