Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday 9/14

CTE_ Today we pulled out the baby dolls with problems. The students were to identify the problem and tell me how to take care of it. This must be done in class as I cannot get the dolls to you. Schedule a time after school and I will be here! We also, began a cooking pretest. This pre test does not go on your grade but you must pass with 80% to start cooking early. I do not want anyone receiving help from parents on this test as I truly need to know what to teach. You can find this test on my website but I will give anyone who has been absent a quick verbal test before they can cook so I know they know what to do. This test does not go on your grade.

6th grade- Today we talked about terms. We skipped measuring equivalents until tomorrow. There is a circle the terms worksheet in your packet.


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