Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday and Friday

I am combining two days in one so that I don't forget to post today's activities.

Thursday- CTE- Yesterday we finished talking about traditions that we celebrate with our families. We talked about a family activity called family councils where each member is in attendance and this is a place where families make big decisions and discuss problems. We talked about how sometimes we do not agree with those in our families and how to make it a win- win situation where both people in the situation can be happy. We worked on our no lose win win worksheet ( found in the unit 2 packet) where the students had to work out different scenerios. This is home work if they did not complete and will become due.

Friday- We will begin to talk about family budget how we support ourselves and how important those who take care of us are. Todaythe students will complete their dream of where they would like to be when they are 25 years old. This is called my dream and it is found in the unit two packet as well.

Thursday 6 th grade- Yeah!!! most of the students have caught up. If a student has not completed projects they must talk to me about completion ...then sometimes they can make it up for higher points. DO NOT WAIT TO LONG TO TALK TO ME AS I DO NOT APPRECIATE WORK THAT IS MONTHS OLD!!! We talked about descriptive words and played a guessing game where the students found an object outside and described it without telling us what it was to see if we could visualize and figure it out. We use this strategy to have the students recognize details as we are going into a fashion design unit today.

Friday 6th grade- Today we are talking about designer research. How an investor knows he wants to place all of his financial support into a project. The students will be interviewing each other about purchases they would make and if they do not finish, it will become homework. (Found in the unit 2 folder)


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