Wednesday, August 26, 2009

finishing up

(CTE)- Today we finished up our unit one and I am planning on entering grades but my power school is not working correctly. I am working on getting it fixed and I will hopefully get on top of it by this weekend. We finished unit one by filling out a mock application for work. I discovered many of our students do not even know their own address. Filling out general questions such as good personality traits was also difficult. We began Unit 2 by learning different family types and the students were to draw examples and identify their familytypes. If they missed it there is an example on my website.

Exp Art- Today I had an enrichment activity for those students who were caught up on their work. They made ice cream in a bag. The students were to follow step by step instructions with only my observing. I feel they did not do as well on handwashing as they should have. They did have a fun time though. There still are some students who I am following up on because they have not completed their work to my satifaction and their ability.


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