Friday, December 11, 2009

Onto Cooking Unit

Welcome Back!! We are onto new things. Our Sewing unit is complete. There are still a few students who have not completed their projects so I will be available on Monday if they would like to stay after to finish up.

7th grade-Yesterday in class we talked about food terms and reading a recipe. WE used Amelia Bedelia as an example and how she does things literally. In cooking we must use terms and we need to know the definitions or we cannot cook the recipe correctly. Complete the word web placing the term CREAM in the middle. Define cream, give words that mean the same and word that mean something different, Draw cream and give it in a sentence. Google to research your information. Today we will be talking about bacteria and hand washing. Go to my website to get the worksheet and information to read to find your answers. Look under 7th grade, the cooking portion to find worksheets.

6th grade yesterday we began by talking about tools in the kitchen. Review the tools in your own kitchen by going on a scavenger hunt. Use the worksheet provided under 6th grade, cooking.


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