Thursday, November 5, 2009

11/2/09—My objective for the day was for the students to be able to identify and break down label requirements for manufactures mandated by law. I used a process in class where the students needed to use inductive reasoning, and logic generalizing to produce a claim or principle from explained instances. I had two headings voluntary and mandatory; we defined each, one being you must do it and the other being optional whether you complete. I also instructed them about labels and how before 1994 they were confusing to the consumer because the manufactures could put whatever they wanted on the labels to make them look good. After this presentation I had the students talk in groups and sort sub headings or definitions what they believed would be mandated by law or voluntary by the companies because they wanted to help sell their product. As they categorized and finished their sorting I would go around and tell them how many they had correct. Then they would get a minute to reevaluate and change their sub headings. At the end we went through this as a group and the students had to defend their positions as to why they believed the way they did about the way they placed information. Using evaluation to judge and classify their beliefs and then having to defend their stance the students were able to retain information about what the governments regulates and what the company volunteers to place on a label.

The sixth grade is finishing up their sewing project. Our objective was to have each student be able to sew a 1/4 inch and 5/8 inch seam as well as thread the machine.

The 7th grade is finishing labels and tomorrow the counselor will come in to teach them about career choices.

Tomorrow, (Friday) will be may last day with these classes. They have been a good group of kids to work with.


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