Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009

I am not sure where the time goes. I apoplogize for the late postings as to what has been happening in our classroom. It seems after having the pre school in our classroom everything has been a whirl wind and now it is time to settle down and get back into the swing of things.

CTE- We have analyized our children for the pre school, what happened and what didn't that we expected to. It was fun to watch the pre school children's reaction to being with older brothers and sisters as their teachers.

We began instruction on the sewing machine, it's parts and we also gathered our supplies for future projects. Monday (today) the students who had me last year or any student who has had previous instruction with sewing took an assessment test as to whether or not they were ready to proceed. It was funny to see those that felt ready decide after they started threading the machine that they were not ready and came back for further instruction. They weed themselves out I do not have to. The student's will have approximately three weeks to complete two required projects plus a work book on fashion strategies. These projects are worth quite a few points so we will need to keep on top of it.

6th grade- Today we finished up our monochromatic color collage. The students I feel have finally caught the concept of one color family. Tomorrow we will continue on with other design principles such as line. I have noticed this group is quite social of which I don't mind as long as they complete their work.


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