Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11

7th grade-
We made it through the first two days of this trimester and it was great!
As 7th grade students our objective today was to be able differentiate between internal and external stressors.
We discussed internal stressors being those things such as disorders and feelings that come from within and external being those things and people that affects us from without.
I gave an assignment of a research paper, due Friday, 10 pages long double spaced. There were some that handled it better than others but after I told them it was a fake assignment you could see relief on their faces. We summed up the feelings that were results of the external stress.
Finally we practiced coping mechanisms such as counting and breathing techniques that help when we are stressed.

Homework-File folder must be completed.
parent signature on rules and disclosure
person made of 6 different favorite foods

6th grade-
We talked about self and how we are each different. We cannot judge a book by it's cover. The students are bringing a test home for their parents to do judging their child personality traits. the students have previously taken a test of what they believe their personality to be most like. Our goal is to see if parent and child agree.


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